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Doğanlar: Strategy...

Dynamic Evolution

As a solution partner to keep the fire alive and steel production company, we are making an active contribution to technical progress and global and national economic growth. Global population growth, climate change and the scarcity of resources demand innovative solutions. We are preparing for these tasks and have defined our focus for the next few years. Change always means new possibilities and opportunities to be exploited. With Doğanlar 2023, we are heading into the future with confidence, a clear vision, strategy and ambitious targets.

Our Mission

Innovation in Motion

Our Vision

No forged parts without Doğanlar production

Our Goals

Profitable growth to over EUR 20.000.000

Increase in revenue from export business

National number 1 in our market segments

Our Strategy

Strive for production leadership in demanding, financially attractive market segments. Dynamic Evolution as the overarching guiding concept supported by three main pillars:

National first and Global Growth

Innovation and Technology


Our Values

Technology and Leadership

Lifelong Learning


Passion for Success