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Quality Assurance...

Our Quality Responsibilities

• Quality Control Planning

• Quality Assurance

• Raw-Material Incoming Control

• Forging Process Control

• Heat Treatment Control

• Outsource Material Incoming Control

• Process Control

• Final Control

Organization Of Quality Department

The managerial processes are interrelated and prepared the diagram of the relationship between processes.

• Sales and marketing process

• Purchasing process

• Production planning process

• Quality Control process

• Production process

• Quality Management and improvement process

• Human Resources and Education process

• Storage and Shipping process

• Tool Design and Production process

• Maintenance process

Drawings and Specifications of the Customer

• Our customer sends the drawings and change level of parts, after order confirmation.

• After that this technical documentation are examined before the production process (actual drawings, technical specifications, standards, productibility, feasibility and other requests)

• Our Engineering Team creates and apply the correct process management documents according to these requests.

• The control plans are prepared according to geometric tolerances on the drawing. Control frequencies size and methodological criteria are defined.

• Key product characteristics are defined on the control plans. Quality Control Team is checked this dimensions and characteristics.

• Our team calculates the process capability for key characteristics.

• Quality Planning Team prepares the control plans for incoming, process and final parts.

All risk for production processes are evaluated during the Failure Mode Effect Analyse (FMEA)

• Part Process

• Potential Failure Mode

• Effect of Potential Failure

• Severity (Degree of Effect)

• Cause of Potential Failure

• Probability

• Importance Level (for key characteristics)

• Actual Controls

• Detect Ability

• Priority Risk Factor

• Corrective Actions

• Responsible and Date

• Results - Performed Actions

• Final Severity (Degree of Effect)

• Final Possibility

• Final Detect Ability

• Final Risk Factor

Our Quality Team does also...

• Quality Planning Team prepares the Flow Chart and Control Plan for product.

• After that Production Planning Team prepares the work order of the part on ERP.

• The operator Instructions are created and updated after each revision of drawing.

• These Instructions and Control Plans are on workstations.

• Strengthened Pre-Launch Control Plans are prepared for critical parts.

• Qualtiy Team has controlled and tested according to customer request.

• Process and machine parameters are defined according to how is prescribed into specs, norms, standarts and drawings.